Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Kochi Muziris Biennale 2016

Art has  a transforming power, it eliminates man-made gaps. The third season of Kochi Muziris Biennale unites human begins under the flag of art and culture. KMB 16 is a well planned organized and executed art exhibition. The Biennale foundation create a space for the contribution of native people of Kochi. Auto-rikshas passing through  the streets whistling for Biennale and the sweat of head load workers filmed in the teaser video and the home stays which keep the gusts feel at home are the best examples. The rich cultural heritage of Kochi suits the ambience for Biennale. The inauguration ground was in a festive mood with  Chenda- melam  performed by Padma  Sri Peruvanam Kuttan Marrar.
        Kerala embraced the mega art expo wholeheartedly. The Biennale is receiving huge acceptance and support from different sector of the society. The cause which Biennale upholds is very relevant. The art expo  acts as a mode of social outreach through art and culture. Mr. Gawtam Pemmaraju a Mumbai base film maker shared his Biennale experiences. This is for the second time he is attending KMB. Gawtam is in a great work to make a documentary on Kochi Muziris Biennale. He  visited four art works in the short time. All of them were outstanding. Says the film maker. He was lucky to meet his brother and family at the venue. It was a sweet coincidence. KMB is becoming a reunion platform for people all over the world who share aesthetics.
   The feel one person experience each time he/she enters a Biennale venue is of the warmth of  humanity expressed through shapes, scribes and constructions. ‘The water of Arabian ocean is the epitome of adventures' says Mahatma Gandhi. The land near Arabian Ocean is witnessing an act of bravery to bridge the gap through the transforming power of art.